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Attorney Christopher R. Harrison, Esq. sees his practice as a service.  He provides services with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

  • If you are planning for the future, you need Battlefront Legal.
  • If your family is faced with the probate process after a loss, you need Battlefront Legal.
  • If you have served our country and need counsel from someone who understands service, you need Battlefront Legal.
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Military Families

Estate Planning for Military Families

We understand the challenges military families face.  We help protect the future for those who serve and their loved ones.

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Nevada spendthrift trust

Spendthrift Trusts to Protect Beneficiaries

If you’re concerned that a beneficiary, particularly a younger person, is not ready for that full responsibility, a Nevada Spendthrift Trust is an excellent solution. It allows for the release of funds on a schedule. It prevents a beneficiary, either through inexperience or poor judgement, to squander the assets in the estate.

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Family Estate Planning

We help families secure their children’s future, plan for incapacity and to protect their assets.  We care for clients like family and we craft comprehensive estate plans that allow our clients to protect the ones they love.

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